Rosedean Shetland Cattle

Housing improvements / Wormer & flukicide

Tuesday morning, found Rosie loose in the barn and Annie in Rosie’s pen. This is when you’re glad you spent time halter training them. Tied Rosie up to one of the horse rings, walked Annie back to the barn, where she should be. John came out and did some repairs.

I’ve decided I want to make some improvements for next winter and I’m hoping to get some financial support from the Small Farm Grant Scheme – although with an application failure rate of over 50%, I’m not feeling too optimistic about my chances.

Wednesday, gave the three cows their fluke and worm drench – in their feed. So much easier than drenching and MUCH less messy!

We use Albex 10% at the fluke rate; it’s one of the few flukicides that can be used for milking cows. Winnie and Ace got their Closamectin pour-on applied.

Cattle feed with wormer

Cattle feed with wormer – the cow’s didn’t notice!

Dan went for four bales of hay this morning, to keep them going over the holiday period, and fed the steers at Astwood.

The steers - Robbie, Fraser, Paulo, Pedro

The steers – Robbie, Fraser, Paulo, Pedro

They’re getting a bit of sugar beet every day to get them settled enough to let me apply their Closamectin pour-on. Paulo worked out what a bucket was far more quickly than Pedro, but Pedro’s catching up. Robbie and Fraser, of course, know exactly what a bucket is for.

With the decent weather, we haven’t put out any straw for the steers yet but we’ll move them to their winter paddock early in the New Year and put a bale out for them.

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