Rosedean Shetland Cattle

Rosie in calf; Moodini; Ace of Spades home

Great news on Wednesday when the vet confirmed that Rosie is carrying a live calf – we just need to try and work out when she’s due now.

The cows have settled own inside now; Rosie is staying in her individual pen, after a couple of escapes earlier in the week. Our neighbours christened her “Moodini”.

Winnie’s halter training is coming on well – she’s’ such a good natured calf.

Winnie haltered

Winnie haltered

Also had good news from the butcher Simon Howie to say that Gleneagles Hotel is interested in taking Shetland beef as a guest beef. If we can make this happen, it will be good publicity for the breed.

And Stackyard Ace of Spades came home yesterday (11th). It’s a big name for a little calf – he was born 18th April, and this was him leaving his dam, so a big shock for him. He loaded, travelled and unloaded really well; he knows what a bucket is and what’s in it, and likes carrots.

Ace home in his pen

Ace home in his pen

The cows are pretty uninterested in him but Winnie has been seen licking his face, bless ‘em. We’ll let him settle for a few days then start some halter training.

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