Rosedean Shetland Cattle

Our sires

Creadyknowe Ertie HB No. 07-5539 Dead

Born 3rd March 2007 By Hillwell Peerie Willie out of Creadyknowe Abbey White / dun COI 7.82% Glebe line. Ertie is the sire of Beadies Blizzard.

Collafirth Viking HB No. 10-6135

Born 29th March 2010 By Collafirth Roanan, out of Collafirth Rowan Grey COI 14.36% Glebe line. Viking is the sire of Rosedean Santa Ana

Collafirth Viking 2014

Collafirth Viking 2014

Hollins Storm HB No. 12-6555 Dead

Born 21st August 2012 By Windgates Toby, out of Arg Amelia Red and white COI 5.43% Knocknagael line

We purchased Storm as weaned calf in early 2013; when he was introduced to the cows, he was two weeks short of his first birthday. Undaunted, he got them all in calf and the three of them calved over three days in May 2014. He sired a further group of calves in 2014. He is the sire of Rosedean Umber.

Beadies Blizzard and Hollins Storm

Beadies Blizzard and Hollins Storm

Wharncliffe Kingmaker HB No. 14-6998 Dead

Born 10th March 2014 By Wharncliffe Harald, out of Gerraquoy Hoy Black and white COI 7.34% Knocknagael line

We bought Mak as a weaned calf at the end of 2014; he sired three calves in 2015 and three in 2016. He is the sire of Rosedean Windward.

Wharncliffe Kingmaker, November 2015

Wharncliffe Kingmaker, November 2015

Stackyard Ace of Spades HB No. 16-7414

Born 18th April 2016 By Galfrid Ashley, out of Windgates Zinnia Black and white COI 5.29% Araclett line Photo to follow